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Offices for grads?


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This might seem like a bit of a silly question, but as a non-US student, I'm not sure what the norm is for PhD student offices.

I was studying at Edinburgh University before, and most research students (MA/MSc and PhD) get shared offices usually within their department or within their school/college. I was on an MA Research program and had a pretty basic office which I shared with three other people from the college. It was great because it meant we had a safe place on campus to keep books and computers and stuff, and personally I think working away from home is better.

I think this is pretty normal in the UK, and am curious to know if there's something similar in most US universities? I guess this probably depends on departments, maybe?

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I know at one of the programs (not the school, just the program) while PhD students are in their coursework, they share an office with one other person (two desks, one door with a lock), once they start preparing for their comps they get their own office. But the other program I am considering only has shared office space if you are a TA, for keeping office hours.

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