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Educational Linguistics


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I'm interested in applying to Penn GSE's Educational Linguistics PhD program in the near future. From everything I'm seeing on their website, this is exactly what I want to study, but I can't seem to find any similar programs that I could also apply to in the northeast.

There's Stanford- which also looks really good- and UNM but they're on the other side of the country. The closest around here I've found were the Applied Linguistics EdD and Anthropology of Education PhD programs at Columbia TC and the Bilingual Education PhD and Sociology of Education PhD programs at NYU Steinhardt. Are they as good as I'm going to get?

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I don't know what exactly your research interests are.. but I was debating between the educational linguistics and Education, culture and society specialization. I decided to go for the latter in the end but I'm guessing your interests are similar to mine...

so here are some suggestions..

UC Berkeley - Language, Literacy and Culture

U Mass Amherst -Language, Literacy and Culture

OSU - Language, education and society

Those three seem very much related to educational linguistics so you might want to check them out :)

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Berkeley and OSU would be too far from home, but UMass looks good! Thank you for the response!

As far as specific research interests go, I'm interested in oppressive nature of mainstream language ideology, the linguistic and cultural disconnect between teacher and students and its effects, education outcomes of immigrants and children of immigrants in terms of what thier home/native language is, and American dialectology, specifically AAVE.

I'm finding a few faculty members here and there that'd fit the bill, but not so many programs that'd allow me to focus on these things like Penn's program would. But is that case for most people as far as finding a program that matches their interests?

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You may also want to broaden your search--maybe not specifically a "language and literacy" program per se. For example, at my school (Midwest, not sure if that's close enough for you), there are plenty of researchers studying literacy (and oppressive pedagogy and ideology) and there's a literacy specialization, but you would graduate with a degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education. You should also check out specific people you want to work with and not just programs or colleges. When I was applying last year, I was really looking at potential advisors.

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