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Should I report my subject test score?

Dan Qau

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Hey everyone!

I've got a pretty dismal undergraduate GPA (2.87/4.0) that I need to somehow make up for. Now, I think, since I'm not applying to Ivy League schools or anything, that all else in my application is at least OK (GRE general: 163V/164Q/4AW, graduate GPA: 3.4, sole author of 1 major conf. and 1 journal publication, etc.) I took the GRE subject test and scored 750, which ranks me in the 64%. Now there's the rub - Considering my horrifying GPA, should I report the score in my application, or not?

Really appreciate the help.


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That's a though one I think.

On the one hand I'd say the percentile isn't quite as bad as it sounds - Since the test is generally not required, the group of people actually taking it is rather self-selected. Plus there is also almost no preparation material available, so studying for it is very difficult.

But, on the other hand, there's no guarantee an admission committee would see it that way. Personally I'd try to find out what kind of scores the departments you're applying to usually get / admit into their programme. If 750 is close enough to the average of admitted students, submitting it probably won't hurt. If nothing is published on their website, try giving them a call, they might be willing to give you a rough indication of what kind of scores they are looking for.

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