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What if recommender doesn't submit by the deadline? Is there a way to tell if schools will accept late LOR..without asking? :-\

Is the LOR deadline different from the app deadline?

What to do!?

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Officially the two deadlines are the same. However, many times schools will accept a late LOR and will be much more forgiving than with a late application submission. They understand that students can't control when professors submit their letters. As long as the admissions committee hasn't met, there is a fairly good chance that your letters will be accepted, even if they are late. As for knowing whether this policy holds of any particular program is, of course, much more difficult.

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If it makes you feel better one of my recommenders hasn't submitted to over 3 programs that were due this weekend, including my first choice. I can only assume that he has been doing this long enough to know that it's ok.. though it worries me a bit that my other professors scrambled to meet the deadlines. I haven't been able to contact him at all (I'm no longer in school) so there's really nothing else I can do.

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