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GRE - Catch 22!


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Please, please take two minutes two respond to this post. My due date is today and I am a little trapped here.

I'm interested in a Phd in Education, with a focus on measurement, research methodology, impact analysis, economics of education, development and / or quant. policy analysis. Yet, I'm sure I do not want to study in an Econ. Department.

I have taken the GRE two times, reaching the same maths score on both tests. However, my language and my AW scores differ:

1) L 157 (73%); AW 5.5 (96%)

2) L 163 (91%); AW 4.0 (49%)

For some of the schools I am applying to I can only report one GRE score, from one test date. I have no clue as to which score to choose.

Could you provide your thoughts as to which score would be considered better?

Thank you very much!!

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Can you find out if the schools you're considering even place much emphasis on AW scores? Many schools don't, especially since applicants have SOPs, writing samples, grades, and LORs to prove their writing and analytical abilities.

And I can commiserate with you. My AW score dropped from a 5.0 to a 4.0--frustrating to say the least, though I knew that my issue essay was weak while I was writing it!

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I suggest that you report the second score because

1) AW doesn't seem to be that important for most programs

2) Your writing sample and SOP can compensate the mediocre score

3) I checked Harvard education and they publish following statistics

Ed.D. students

Verbal Average: 91.5 (percentile)

Quantitative Average: 77.6 (percentile)

Analytical Writing Average: 5.1

and V:73% is way below their average.

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