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Feedback on application strength


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I know it's a little late to the game, considering it's already December, but if I can get some feedback on my application strength that would hopefully relieve some of the anxiety I have right now :(

Overall GPA: 3.22

Major GPA: 3.66

Research: 1 year of research doing organometallics, no publication

LOR: 2 strong letters from my O.chem I professor and from my research advisor. Last one is coming from my P.chem professor, really not sure how strong this one is.

GRE: Double 150's in both Q and V (I will be retaking the test because that's a really bad score :()

Planning on applying to the following PhD programs:

UC Davis

UC Riverside

Texas A&M (my research advisor graduated from here and says I have a good chance, supposedly)

UC Santa Cruz

I've also had an officer position in an organization for 3 years now, if that makes any difference.

I've been told that because I am Hispanic it will be easier for me to be accepted, although I honestly don't believe that. Any info on these schools would be awesome :)

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The bottom line is that networking trumps a lot. If your research advisor is saying you have a good shot at his/her alma mater, it probably means he'll put in a good word for you. Sometimes profs can have that much clout. I would, however, re-test...just in case. I almost applied to UCR. I remember liking their program. I'd say you have a good shot. As for ethnicity, I'm not sure how its viewed for grad admission. So, just focus on presenting the strongest app possible. Good luck

And see if your schools post the stats of their students. If not, check the results section of grad cafe to see how you stack up next to successful candidates in past years.

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Yes, it would be easier for you to get in because you're a Hispanic. Nobody from my cohort class is a Hispanic nor an AA this year :blink:, it would also be easier for you to get scholarships and fellowships.

Good point. Our most recent cohort has 1 Hisp. and 0 AA, I think. I think the year before was the reverse, or something like that.

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Good point. Our most recent cohort has 1 Hisp. and 0 AA, I think. I think the year before was the reverse, or something like that.

The only AAs I know of from classes got their offer through the medical school. They got accepted the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering, and then transferred to PhD program in Chemistry after their first year.

It's required by law (i.e. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)) that medical schools must accept a minimum amount of underrepresented minority (URM) students each year (i.e., AAs, Native America, Mexican, and some Women only).

Marshall School of Medicine in West Virginia got put on probation last year because their student body wasn't diverse enough. You can google more information about it.

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I've applied to many programs.  I think that my application is pretty solid, but not really sure where I'd be more likely to be accepted.  Any thoughts??


Finishing my BS Chem at a major reseach university (not Ivy) in the Northeast.


In-lab research experience:  Six semesters plus two summers

Publications and posters:  Two journal articles accepted for publication but not yet in print; 10 poster sessions (at four different universities)

GPA:  3.52

LOR:  Two extrememly strong, one very good (I think)

GRE:  162Q  161V   6.0 Written

GRE Chem:  62 percentile



- Stretch:  UC Berkeley, Yale

- Other Strong programs: UMN, Brown

- Safe ("-ish"): Rennselaer, UWashington, Duke


Feedback would be much welcomed!

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Your stats sound solid to me. Now with a good SoP and good rec letters, I bet you get admitted to very competitive programs! Good luck and keep us posted!

Applied to:
UT, Rice, UPenn, Carnegie,  UCSD.  WashU. Notre Dame.

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Hey, just wondering if you heard back from Texas A&M?




The GPA looks solid, but the GRE scores are troubling.



If you want, I know they are a bit lower in ranking, or location, but Notre Dame and UNevada-LV are due at the end of January. 

Case Western (Cleveland) still has open applications, and it is free to apply except for transcripts and GRE. 


Who else..I think that's it for openings.

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