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What if I apply later than the deadline?


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One of my applications for an MSW program is due Jan. 1, and I'm afraid I won't make it ont hat exact date. What would happen if my LORs were about a week late? Also, my other apps are due in Feb. and Mar. Is it best if I finish them all by Jan. 1? Because I'm guessing it'll be rude to ask my LORs to write one letter and then send them about 3 more next month for the other apps.


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Ideally, everything makes it by the deadline. Many departments are lenient about exactly when LORs arrive, but you'll want to check with the department you're worried about because, for some, applications that are incomplete by the deadline get thrown out. My advice: get your transcripts and GRE scores sent now, talk to your letter writers, and get that app submitted by the deadline. You've still got ample time to make it by Jan 1. Also, it'd probably be best if you finished all of your apps by Jan.1 as it would make things easier for your recommenders, but I'd worry about one thing at a time and see how it goes. :)

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