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I'm in the process of applying to masters programs to start in the fall of 2013. I've been working in international advertising and marketing for the past ten years so have been out of school for awhile. My goal is to work in a study abroad program doing program development and management. It seems like study abroad lies in an area between Student Affairs and Higher Education Admin. I've spoken with the study abroad department at my undergraduate university and they said you could really go either direction and I've also seen that on several posts here.

My questions is if anyone knows of any Higher Education programs that might be able to offer a focus in this area or are known for this specialty. This is my list of schools that I'm applying to, so if anyone has any input as it relates to my interest it would be greatly appreciated! I've been searching the forums for several weeks, but if there are any posts on this topic that I may have missed let me know.

Vanderbilt - Higher Ed Admin: International Higher Education Focus

George Washington U - Higher Ed Admin

UPenn - Higher Ed Admin

American University - International Training & Education

Indiana University - Higher Ed & Student Affairs

Bowling Green - College Student Personnel

USC - Postsecondary Admin & Student Affairs

Stanford - POLS; Higher Ed Concentration


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I went to Bowling Green for my undergraduate and I can confirm the College of Education & Human Development provides several opportunities for students to study abroad. As far as the Higher Education program is concerned, I am confident that the College would welcome someone with the expertise and desire to get involved with the study abroad programs.


I would reach out to Dr. Ellen Broido. Dr. Broido is a straight shooter who will give you a clear picture as to whether Bowling Green would be the right fit for you.


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