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Just another What are my chances


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I have a 3.22 GPA

I am a senior

156 Verbal

151 quan

willing to go to any school anywhere

I am looking for my masters

have no research experience however I am in starting a research in the spring

I have a killer resume with lots of leadership and community service but the leadership was all ROTC related

I'v got 1 average rec, one solid rec and I'm going to wait to use the professor im doing research with as my next rec, IDK how that will turn out.

Psychology major

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I think you can get in "somewhere," but it depends what school you are applying to, how competitive the program is, and what discipline you are interested in studying at a graduate level. I'm applying to PhD programs in clinical psych, and I know masters programs are less competitive, but from my standpoint your GPA and GRE scores are quite low (I actually have the same verbal score as you though, UGH! Hate the GREs!), but it is great that you have a lot of community service/leadership, and that you will be starting research shortly. When you start working in research, see if there are any opportunities for publication in your lab. A lot of PIs will give you the opportunity to author a poster for a psychology conference if you ask.

If you're interested in counseling or clinical psychology, or most psychological disciplines really, getting basic experience interacting with the population you are intersted in treating/researching would also add strength to your application.

You're applying next year, I'm guessing? Since you have to wait until after the Spring to get a letter of rec from your research prof? If you're able, I would re-take the GRE since your GPA isn't the best.

I wish you the best!

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For masters, I would imagine your GPA and GRE is fine, actually. While I was looking at back-up masters, I was shocked to see most programs just want 1000 GRE old scale and a 3.0. My UG has one of those programs. If you are wanting a competitive program or one that's fully funded (those exist), you'll want to raise your GPA if possible. The more competitive programs seem to accept 1100 GREs, so your okay there since yours is a 1200.

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Lack of research experience is going to hurt you. Especially since your scores cant off set that. I would ask one of your advisors to tell you what your chances are.

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What is your ultimate goal? By that I mean, are you getting your masters as a stepping stone to your phd? What kind of career do you hope to enter? I ask because you will have much better chances applying to course-heavy masters programs that don't emphasize research. Attending a program like that won't put you in any better position to get into a phd program in two years, though.

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