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  1. There are only a handful of funded Masters programs in psychology (search these forums and you'll easily find some lists). This means it is reasonable and possible to REALLY research the faculty at each one. An initial glance at the faculty research interests page of their websites might make it seem like there is no one that shares your interests, but dig deeper. I found my adviser by reading his Masters thesis and realizing a potential area of overlap in his findings and my research interests - even though at first glance our research interests seemed completely different. When I emailed him
  2. I will most likely be attending William & Mary for my Masters in psychology in the Fall. Anyone else headed to W&M in the fall?
  3. Is there a local temp agency? That would be my first stop. In addition to the ideas above, you could look for housecleaning jobs, by posting ads/looking for jobs like this on websites like craigslist and care.com.er post a
  4. Could the person that heard from the psychoogy Masters program at William and Mary PM their POI (if this is who the invite was from)?
  5. I would just send a short email thanking him for double-checking for you and reiterating your interest in his work and your excitement for the coming decision.
  6. I applied to social and have not heard anything yet. I've assumed this is a rejection, but I suppose I don't know for sure.
  7. Look at the suggestions for future research in the discussion sections of relevant articles. See if you can think of a method for answering a question that other researchers in the field have identified as being important.
  8. I'm guessing they send it to all applicants since the decisions are made after the FAFSA priority deadline. I know for certain this is the case at the University of Denver.
  9. It definitely varies, mostly based on cost of living in a particular location. The best I've seen is 30K-ish for top programs in high cost of living areas (such as parts of CA). 10-20K is more typical.
  10. I would go with dressy ankle boots. If you end up attending grad school in a cold weather city, a lot of people where warm, waterproof boots to work and then change into heels or flats. For an interview situation where you won't have that opportunity, ankle boots all the way.
  11. I haven't received the response I was hoping for from my doctoral applications. I'm considering applying to Masters programs with later deadlines (Feb. 15 at the earliest), but I'm not sure. Does anyone know of any mostly funded masters programs in psychology? How important is precise research fit in masters programs? I know a lot of masters programs are accepting of students who don't have defined research interests. I wouldn't categorize myself as such, but I am having troubles finding masters programs that are a good research fit and am open to pursuing other lines of research in s
  12. My mom: "even if you don't get in anywhere this year, simply being at the point to apply to competitive programs is impressive." ...anyone can apply. Granted, I have put in a lot of work to be what I consider a "competitive" applicant, but simply being able to apply means nothing.
  13. How were you able to take graduate level classes? Did your undergrad simply allow this through regular registration or...?
  14. Log in here: https://www.applyweb.com/cgi-bin/ustat?formcode=stanford&action=logoff
  15. You would think if they had already ruled us out they wouldn't bother to update our statuses to complete...they would just update to rejections. I know that's wishful thinking.
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