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Choosing safeties (statistics)

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I've posted before but I wanted an update

Major: Applied Math

GPA: 3.81 overall, 3.84 math, 3.89 statistics

Research Experience: 2 Applied Math Summer REU's, both relevant to statistics (1 publication, 1 poster presentation)

Course Experience: Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Linear Models, Programming in C++ and R, Statistical Computing, Monte Carlo Methods, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Set Theory, Topology,

GRE: 170/170/4, November Math Subject Test not yet available

Where I'm applying


UC Berkeley




Princeton (ORFE)


Carnegie Mellon

Ohio St


Johns Hopkins



UC Santa Cruz

Italicized schools are maybes. I'm not really sure how many I should include. Also, is UCSC at all reputable? It doesn't appear in the rankings at phds.org

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A good fraction of applicants to stat programs don't even take the math GRE. I guess it's a minor plus, but your score is totally consistent with the rest of your record so it doesn't change your profile much.

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