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Should I also submit my previous GRE score?


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I took the GRE this past November and got the following scores:

Quantitative: 168 (97th percentile - equivalent of 800)

Verbal: 155 (65th percentile - equivalent of 530-550)

AW: 3!!!!

I am not sure how my AW score managed to be this low. Ironically, the time I took the GRE for administrative purposes (to qualify for a fellowship) and didn't study for it, I had a AW score of 5. My GRE scores then were:

Quantitative: 800 (94th percentile)

Verbal: 480 (55th percentile)

AW: 5

I am beyond shocked and disappointed of my new AW score, especially since my proficiency in English has only improved since the first time I took the GRE (English is my 2nd language). Should I submit both scores, old and new, to make up for that and show the admissions committee that I can actually write? My only hesitation is that my Verbal score in the 1st try is severely low. I'm not sure if showing a higher AW score is worth revealing the lower verbal score.

I am applying to top science/engineering programs, including ones at UC Berkeley, Stanford, USC, UCLA, MIT, and UCSD. I was wondering if a high quantitative score in the GRE, high GPA, lots of research and relevant work experience, and a strong statement of purpose can make up for that low AW score so I don't have to send the old GRE score.

Thank you for any input! I truly appreciate it!

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I would send in both scores to all schools you are applying to. That way they'll see that you worked hard to improve your Q and V, and I'm sure they'll understand that the new AW score was just a fluke (especially if your SOP is well written too).

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