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Reported CS AGRE Score (610, 20 percentile) How badly will it affect my chances?


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I recently gave my AGRE and have just received my scores which are 610 with a 20 percentile. I know that these scores are not worth reporting but I made a gamble while filling up the form and have reported the scores to the following universities:

Indiana University - Bloomington

Northeastern University

SUNY Buffalo

University of Utah

Does anyone have any idea on how it'll impact my chances with these universities? I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and had given the test to improve my chances of admission. So will they consider the fact that I tried or will they straightaway reject my application looking at my AGRE scores?

Any inputs from the seniors will be deeply appreciated.



PS: I know my username doesn't help. Is there a way I can get it changed?

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I wouldn't report it. I got a 700 (46th percentile, I think) and was advised against reporting it to any school.

On a less serious note, I think that's a pretty cool username. It stands out in the world of caffeinated CS majors.

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