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troubles with thesis advisor


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This is for the master's thesis and i'm in the CS program. My advisor is a selfish but very resourceful professor. As much as I am interested in working with him, I 'm also have emotional issues. He is not someone whom I can feel comfortable with and he is EXTREMELY moody. If he is under stress or pressure the direct impact is on his students that he is advising. Not really major stuff but he will say rude stuff. If he is in "normal" mood then he is very helpful. I do brush off his rudeness most of the times but it is not really motivating to work with him. He is the one professor in my dept. that most MS students work with for thesis because he seems to be resourceful and he is theo only one openly inviting students to work with him(for the money ofcourse).

The thing is if he has the time, he will invite us over to his office for random discussions on our thesis/subject area etc. My other fear now is when the time comes to submit my thesis, I do not want him to go in "stress" mode. I do not think he will intentionally do this but it could happen. I'm looking to graduate in June next year and he knows this too. Research/Thesis in my Dept. is 2 credits for one semester. I've already completed the preliminary research/proposal etc.

My options are : (1)to go the non-thesis route, and take the comps. I would feel sad for letting fo of the research/thesis but the comps are what most students do in my program(2) suck it up and put up with him

I am eager to read your suggestions/thoughts. Most of us here are PhD students and I know that PhD students have far more experience on such topics. I would love to hear from you .

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