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Clueless about chances

That Bucket woman

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So bear with me, I'm entirely new to the grad school application process. I just want to know how realistic I'm being applying this year.

Undergrad: JHU

Undergrad GPA: 3.72 overall, don't know what a major GPA is, but my BCPM is 3.68

Grad (for Master's in Health Sciences)- Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Grad GPA (so far): 4.0

GRE ( I don't know how good this is, took after three days of studying):

Quantitative- 162

Verbal- 165

Writing unknown yet

Related activities:

2 years of undergrad research, no pubs

Master's thesis

I started out pre med, so I have a lot of clinical volunteering, which I don't think will help much

Tutoring adults for GED

Programs I'm applying to: ( all for human genetics)



3.) UNH




7.) IOWA

8.) mount Sinai

This list may seem strange, but one of the main reasons I chose it was because most of my top choices had deadlines that would pass before I could take the GRE.

By the way, I just recently switched from being pre- med. I had med school interviews, but I could never answer the question of why medicine without struggling to find an answer. I've really always loved research, and know it's a better fit for me (for what it's worth, my MCAT score is 34Q- 13 PS, 8VR, 13BS).

Is this realistic? Is my research too weak? Any advice would be welcome

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You should post this in whatever field your interested in. And no one outside of hopkins will know what bcpm means. In general, I suggest calculating your major gpa yourself; many programs require junior/senior gpa, major gpa, last 60 units gpa or some other arbitrary scale.

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