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Important Notice: Misreported Psychology Subtest GRE Score


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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share my story in hopes that it might be useful for someone else. I recently wrote my GRE Psychology Subtest on November 10, 2012. My grades were updated online yesterday, December 10, 2012.

When you write a standardized test, you always worry, "What if they post my grades wrong?!"... Well, that's happened to me. My grade currently reads online as "000" and my percent below is "02."

I called ETS to get more information about my score. Since Psychology Subtest scaled scores are supposed to be between 200-990 or 20-99, they assured me that my grade was inaccurate. They said that, at present, they can't even access my score, so they have not yet been officially reported. They hope that the grade will be corrected by this upcoming Friday, December 14, 2012 at the latest.

In case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation, I hope this post helps!


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