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Citation/CV question - introducing a speaker


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Hi everyone,

After hours of fruitless Googling, I thought I'd ask around the forums. At my undergraduate institution I was once asked to introduce a visiting speaker; the speaker was high-profile and the invitation to give introductory remarks was really an honor. I'd like to include this on my CV, but I have no idea 1) the proper citation for it, or 2) where to put it - I have a section for conference papers and workshops but it doesn't really fit there, and it feels stupid to create a whole "invited talks" section for one line that isn't even technically a full talk. Any advice?

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You could add a "Professional Service" section - introducing a speaker could be included there, along with things like being an officer of an academic club, volunteering at a conference, etc. Otherwise, I would probably leave this out.

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I think most people would probably lump that in with CV padding, honestly.

Something you might be able to mention in an SoP as a major experience, or mention at interviews, but it's something I'd leave off my CV.

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