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When will grad schools require me to send my final transcripts?


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Do you mean sending your final transcripts AFTER you've been accepted and they already have your previous grades? I cannot say what month but as long as you don't outright fail any classes you should be fine; this isn't undergrad admissions.

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My schools asked for me to send them as soon as they were available (my undergrad school does not finalize them until June). My PhD school gave a deadline of July 31 but since my MSc transcript won't show my graduation until November (since I finished in August), they said I can take as long as Dec 31 (i.e. after the first semester of grad school). But it depends on your school! However, as others said, as long as you still get the degree that you said you would in the application then they won't really care if your GPA dropped (and one semester can't really make a huge difference anyways). It might hurt you in applying to future fellowships though.

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