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When do PhD applications start getting revised?


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I know the deadline is around Dec 15 (already passed), but when do the applications actually get revised? Decemeber? January? February?

Decisions are usually due by late Feb or early March.

I don't know if it really takes them that long. Just asking! Thanks

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It depends on the school, normally, from my understanding, the top tier schools have a committee admissions process, where they sit together and discuss who gets in and not; this event was posted on the MIT calendar last year at the end of January, and I figure the rest of the schools are the same. But remember before this, the applications have a first pass where people who for sure aren't getting in are thrown out. Then the applications go to the POI mentioned in the SOP, or who ever the department thinks should read it. And only then do they have the big meeting. But don't forget, its winter break now at most colleges, so even the first passes won't start til january at the earliest.

For other schools, where the application is more dependent on the adviser, I assume that they just give all the professors some time to get their finances in order, read all the applications, etc; although I have less knowledge of this process.

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