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Spouses and fieldwork


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I'm heading into the field toward the latter half of next year; I'm excited, except for the fact that I won't see my husband for six months (a relatively short field term, I know). Any advice for dealing with that absence? How did fieldwork impact your relationships, with spouses or otherwise?

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It's difficult, but it's a lot easier to make long distance work when you know the exact date you don't have to do it anymore. Just keep in touch via email and Skype. I took up writing handwritten letters to friends back home from my field site -- it was a fun and personal way to communicate. Six months is long, but fieldwork generally goes quite fast (at least in my experience) because there's so much to do. You'll be fine, don't worry!

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Not sure where you are in the field but buying an international phone package so I could text my bf to keep up some normality in my life was a lifesaver. That and skyping regularly made it bearable. If you make time for each other and keep to a schedule you can make it!

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