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need last min advice NYU, UMich


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Hi Guys!!

I am trying to take a last min call on applying to NYU. The deadline is today - 18th December.

My recommendations are likely to reach in a week to ten days after deadline...I am yet to inform the profs...is it worth applying???

Secondly, what is the funding situation there. Site says McCraken fellowship gives tuition + health + 9 months stipend + 1,000 bucks initial but the stipend amount is not mentioned. It also says teaching is not required but optional; again what amount would one get while teaching??

UMich: I couldn't submit the application before deadline - 15th, is it still worth submitting it? My recos have already been submitted...yet to send GRE and Toefl.

Also for all applications I have ordered the GRE and Toefl scores after submitting application...so it will reach 5 days later. Is that alrite.

I will be really grateful for a quick response to any of the above.


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FYI the application to NYU is at 5pm EST not midnight like most schools. I don't think it's a big deal if your scores, etc come in after the deadline. Most programs are barely putting together folders...but you can call to be sure. However, I'm not so sure about the actual application. Most programs are pretty firm about needing the actual app by the stated deadline. You should call Mich before you spend your money...or check to see if the portal is even open if the deadline has passed. Good luck!

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Hey! Thanks!!


The grad school replied saying it would be okay :rolleyes:. Thanks for letting me know the deadline. I would not have noticed that otherwise!!

UMich application is still accessible though an FAQ section on the website says it would close down after deadline...so I guess I wont know until I pay the fee. I would call and ask but I don't want to draw attention to it of there is any chance it may go unnoticed.

I see you are applying to the best of the best...and seem to have put NYU in the same league! Did you get good responses from faculty at all these places? I din't get any response from some of the big names....will I still stand a decent chance or will I have to be exceptional?


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Hahahaha I just chose places where I thought my research and I would be a good fit.

From what I've heard, there are a lot of applicants that never get in contact with faculty. However, while I'd say that positive contact with faculty and departments is helpful, I don't think that no contact will hurt you. It just makes you sorta neutral. I did get to meet with a professor from NYU when he came to do a talk at my school a couple of months ago. I told him a little bit about my research and that I was applying. He was really great and I would love to work with him. However, I didn't keep in contact. I really should have. Sigh...

I was only able to correspond to a handful of professors from other schools. I could have been better, but time really escaped me.

Good luck to you!! Where are you applying?

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