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Stony Brook, NY

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I’m gonna be attending SBU in the fall. Has the rental situation changed much there based on these posts? When would be a good time to start looking for apartments or houseshares if you plan on moving in in August?

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On 3/24/2020 at 1:44 PM, holographic universe said:

Trying to revive the thread. Deciding between SB and Johns Hopkins for physics.

Any comments on the area? How much does a train to NYC cost if you know where to look? Rent? The Uni?


I went to stony brook for undergrad (As a bio and psychology major) and I live close to the area so I commuted. The train is about $28ish to get to penn there and back. You can look on lirr42.mta.info for more information.  Undergrad wise I wasn’t a fan of the school because I had to teach myself a lot of the material. That’s not to say the professors weren’t good some were.  The TAs were amazing and always willing to help (I learned majority from them for my bio major). My friends who decided to continue on to their masters like it better with the smaller classes. It’s more personal. There’s not much to do around stony brook but that’s Long Island in general. It’s not an up and coming town it’s very quiet and so are the surrounding areas. Most people went to NYC or had parties in their dorms. I hope this helped some!

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