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When and what to expect


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Hey everybody! I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays free of applications!


I applied to Modern/contemporary American Art History PhD programs and it was... intense! I only have one question for you, if anybody has an idea: when to expect a decision from those schools?

Columbia said not before the end of March! Is that real? it sounds so far away!


Also I know that might delay my application but one of my professor is being super slow at sending out my recommendation letter. So if you have any advice on how to make him do it a little faster that would be awesome! He is great and I definitely don't want to be rude, he is just super busy, but I hope it is not going to do any harm to my application.


Good luck to you all!

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I spoke to my POI at UPenn and he said to expect to hear something no later than the end of February. My POI at Delaware said they meet in January because they have no class that month, so they send out notice at the beginning of February. So I think for every program it's different. I'm using the results search as a guideline, hoping everyone is on a similar schedule this year.

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