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application mix-match- please assuage my fear


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Hi all!


So I discovered that i did something wrong regarding my already submitted applications.  I know it's something really tiny and is probably not a problem at all, but i wanted to run it by you guys and see what you think, for reassurance purposes.  After this semester, my GPA became 3.87.  In the applications themselves, as well as on transcripts, that was what my GPA was put down as.  However, in my resume I forgot to update my GPA to reflect my fall semester grades.  Before this semester (aka what GPA my resume has), my GPA WAS 3.85.  It's a difference of 2/100 of a point.  Will that mixmatch between what's on my application/transcripts and what I put in my resume reflect on me negatively?  Or am I worrying for nothing?


Thank you!

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