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Swapping out recs [ please, please help!!!!]


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So, I have a situation where my best recommender has gone MIA for the Jan 2nd deadline. The other two are in.


In my panic, I had Interfolio send out a so-so backup letter to these institutions -- (both these places said "gsas doesn't work with Interfolio" but I somehow managed to get them through!?!? )


The logic was that I'd at least have 3 letters, although perhaps not in the desirable form (interfolio's being generic and whatnot).


I don't think the "good" rec is going to make it on the deadline.



Problem now is--


Are adcomms generally nice enough to get rid of a rec on my behalf, if I asked them to drop the interfolio rec and consider a late rec?

I mean..would they even allow dropping a rec, once they are in?


Thanks guys for the help! I'm worrying myself sick over here.



Lastly--has anybody per chance contacted Harvard or Yale about late recs? Seem adamant on website, but just wondering if they are willing to be generous as long as it's a couple days late..

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One of my recommendations was late to Harvard and I believe it was no big deal. I contacted the graduate secretary who said that the letter interfaces remain open after the deadline, though it is prudent to be timely as the adcomm could be reviewing your application at any time. It sounds, in that case, like you have a few days leeway time, esp. for technical problems, etc;

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