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  1. There are top-5 (top-7?) schools where, I can tell you from experience, they do not factor GRE scores in at all. There are others where they might use them as a metric, especially to cut the bottom of the pack, but I would still think that your scores would not get you cut. Also, in political theory/qualitative IR, your SOP and other points of application will likely matter much more than your GRE quant score. It's hard to let your applications go without a "perfect" score, but really, you should be fine.
  2. Also, take it from me, remember that if you are not on the East Coast, most schools still use EST as the deadline for admissions! I pretend that my rejection from Fancy East Coast School was due to my error of late submission, and not my many other personal failings
  3. Cohort size within subfields is an interesting one--many of the places I was accepted have 1 or 0 theorists each year. Seems like that's what you all indicate above as well.
  4. Some schools have strict GRE cutoffs, some schools make admissions decisions literally without even looking at the scores. Truly assess your ability to perform on the GRE math section: was that the best you could do? If it was, accept it, be proud of yourself (that's not a low score!) and apply to your choicest programs, as you do not know how they will assess. (Also, you will save time and money to focus on other aspects!) If you know you can do better and it would make you feel better to retake, then go for that. In this process, it is best to do everything you can that honestly showcases yo
  5. Frame your science background as a strength, not a weakness. The SOP is where you write a (short!) paper with the thesis: I should be admitted to your program, I will produce excellent graduate work. (Or something like that, frame it how you want.) Do not include things that do not relate to the thesis. There is a reason you want to do political science instead of science. Be honest with yourself about that reason, explore your motivations, explore the ways your thinking may have changed based on your diverse study, and then write about that.
  6. Use the search function to find more answers similar to these: That being said, you look competitive. If you only want to go to the schools you list, then only apply to them. There is no point in applying to a program where you would not go if it was the only place you were admitted. And, be honest with yourself on this. Work hard on your applications, take a deep breath, go forth.
  7. I also just received a full tuition offer of acceptance from Chicago MAPPS. Very nice letter.
  8. I haven't heard either! So don't worry, it's not just you. Maybe they lost the top part of their list
  9. As discussed before, an applicant viewing a decision is coming from a position of low information. It can certainly seem, if you get rejected from a low-ranked program and accepted into a higher-ranked one, that assigning a reason of "oh, they wouldn't come here" is just as logical as the rather nebulous concept of "fit." I got rejected from the lowest-ranked programs I applied to and accepted at the very top (and waitlisted at those in between, no joke.) Obviously, as an ego-laden human being, I'd like to believe that those rejections were because I am Too Awesome, rather than that the ac
  10. I'm not really sure what to do because I get an email almost every day from one or other school I got accepted to, and obviously I can't respond with intelligent questions to all of them. (I can barely respond with intelligent questions at all. I know they can't un-admit me, but for some reason responding is still somewhat anxiety-producing haha.) I mean, it's probably best to just ask whatever BURNING questions you have, when they arise!
  11. Anything is possible! Best of luck to all the Northwestern waiters.
  12. Checking my status on the Northwestern page revealed that they never received my GRE scores...major oops. At least I shot myself in the foot and don't need to take another bullet, I guess? (I sent them, they just never got them. Grr ETS.)
  13. I just got waitlisted at a school...part of their email reads: "In the meantime, I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you receive admissions offers from other programs. This information will be useful to our admissions committee..." I've gotten into some other very good schools. Should I email them back where I've been accepted and then just expect not to hear from them again?
  14. It sounded like they were moving slowly---they wanted to get calls out but a lot of the department was away on other business or something. All I have is the 'official' PDF acceptance from the graduate school and the fleeting phone call with a POI---can't trust my shocked brain so not sure if I even heard right re: when the visit weekend is haha. I'm sure we'll hear soon.
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