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NYU MA graduates?


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Hi All,

after endless scouring and grilling of their student/program representatives, I can't get a straight answer about how many/where NYU's MA graduates end up for Phd programs. Does anyone have any first hand or peripheral knowledge of this? are we talking 60% or 97%? purdue and depaul or columbia and upenn?
I'm just trying to make the most completely informed decision possible. ANY insight would be appreciated!

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Why don't you ask graduate admissions if you can talk to a current student there? That's an easy enough request, and the student should have a fairly good sense, if not exact numbers, of what people do after the program.

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Thanks! thats a great idea.


If I remember correctly, are you enrolled at BC's MA program? If you don't mind me asking, how do you like it? Do you know how graduates from that program fare? I don't really want to stay in Boston, but the BC program seems to genuinely care about individual student's success and training way more than NYU's 150 MA students at any given time. Its refreshing, and honesty, tempting.

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