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  1. I had read/heard anything less than 85th percentile is not worth sending unless its required. Most schools don't care, honestly. Good luck
  2. its all research. Make sure you do as many posters as possible, even if its just your school's MA conference. Also, every single PhD program asked me if I did a thesis during my MA, if you are given a choice between thesis and comprehensive exams, choose thesis. Comps are looked down upon.
  3. University of Florida has like 6 aging focused professors. Great program, almost went there. Yeshiva has aging focused faculty too. UConn is good for child/developmental. Good luck.
  4. I did it in two weeks and got 96% you will be fine, the test is not hard but requires a LOT of memorization....I find cramming is actually better for that kind of test all all the info is fresh. don't freak out, just focus during those two weeks. try to get through at least two prep books. Read both all the way through and do the problems in one. You'll be golden.
  5. just stopping by to say I was just admitted off the wait-list at my first choice after 6 weeks. Have hope and make sure you reiterate your interest!! you guys are all awesome.
  6. Good luck to your SO! I just graduated from this school and am close with lots of faculty in the program. PM me if you have any questions. Great program, your SO will love it.
  7. I noticed someone else posted an acceptance to BU's brain behavior and cognition program. If you feel comfortable reaching out to me, i'd love to discuss the pros/cons of this program!
  8. be aware yeshiva doesn't give any funding, if that's an issue for you. good luck!
  9. Thanks guys. I was disclosed that my other offer is not a great fit and this is my first choice. However, this limbo back and forth is giving me nightmares and chest pains . Having your dream just out of arms reach is difficult!
  10. Hi all. Desperately seeking crowd sourced info. My dream school that I'm waitlisted at emailed me and asked if I have other offers. They said there is still a possibility there but major things need to be worked out. I cant tell if they want to hear I have other offers and am competitive or that I have other offers and would still chose them Or perhaps that I don't have other offers so it's imperative I get in here? my mind is racing. Has anyone navigated this situation? thank you!!!
  11. waitlisted at U of Florida (my first choice) and struggling maintaining any hope. Wonder if anyone has gotten in here off the waitlist in previous years. Seems like most people are accepting the offer though.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any info on when these decisions are going to come out? Or has anyone heard anything about timeline for decisions from their POI, milan, anything? I just don't know why they would say 1 week- 10 days at the interview as a firm timeline...but now we're beyond that? And also its spring break all week for them so add on another week, and now its 2-3 weeks? Anyway the ambiguity is killing me. Any info would help soothe I know a lot of us were at that interview weekend so we can also band together and have group therapy while waiting.
  13. that helps!! ughhh. what will we do while waiting?? are you neuro as well?
  14. I attended NYU's as a former anthro major. Worked for me...I think they only require two classes. Anyway, PM me if you have any questions. no funding though....
  15. Was anyone at U of Florida last weekend? I'm dying over here as its my dream school. At the interview they said 7-10 days but Milan responded to one of my e-mails with 2-3 weeks. Anyone else heard anything?
  16. ah ok. yea I had A 3.1 and so I did the masters and it definitely helped. Definitely don't get anything less than a 3.8 because that'll hurt your app, but a nice 3.8+ MA GPA can certainly help and may (combined with stellar GRE) may be the only way to compensate. Fortunately, I was never asked my GPA when applying to RA jobs and managed to land some amazing ones (harvard, NYU) so don't sell yourself short. you do not need to put your GPA on your resume. good luck!
  17. unless you have a crappy undergrad GPA or weren't a psych major (ie, have something to compensate for) I would RA all the way. Instead of wasting your time writing papers for classes you could be getting actual publications or posters with your name on them. My RA work helped much much more it seems than my MA. though one school says they will accept the thesis so I don't have to write it again. The other two say I will have to rewrite one. plus you mentioned financial situations so I would say that's double support for RA.
  18. Do you think this is a kiss of death? I'm dying over here!!
  19. actually, just checked my email and the head of the dept sent me an email on 2/18 said they'd update me in 2-3 weeks from that date....so could be even longer. sorry :-/
  20. Yeshiva (clinical psych phd) had one more interview day today so the committee will have to meet thurs or Friday or even Monday before offers will be sent. I probably saw you on 2/10! didn't apply to FDU so can't help you there. e-mail the grad coordinator
  21. Hi all. A while back I heard mention of a funding spreadsheet on these forums. I never could find a link to it. Does such a thing exist? Anyone have a link?
  22. depends on how many interview days there are. Mine i just had has three days separated by a week. I won't find out until after the last batch plus a week to convene. sucks!
  23. can you expand on this a bit? what exactly was it that made you feel it wasn't a fit? I've noticed a general air of superiority versus openness that lead me to change my rankings. interested as to what other people feel.
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