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Is it better to get a CDL license or a PhD in Sociology?


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The other day I was joking with one of my relatives who got his CDL in less than three weeks from a driver trucking school whether or not the value of a CDL has a higher value than a PhD in Sociology nowadays. Obviously, for someone who spend 4 undergraduate years plus additional 2 graduate years studying sociology-  I was angry and somewhat frustrated that such job-sector comparisons could be made and joked about. Nevertheless, one has to start asking the question with the increasing amount of student debt, the lack of demand of such degrees, the over-supply of sociology graduates, is it really worth to get a PhD degree in Sociology or is it better to get a CDL license?


How many of yall started thinking about driving trucks for a living instead of doing a PhD? Let me know if you had similar dilemmas.





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If you are looking at salary as the absolute "value" of a job, there are a ton of jobs that don't require degrees that would be "better" than getting a PhD.  Truck drivers can make 6 figures if they take "good" jobs.  I know a few people with zero college experience who are making close to $200,000 per year - one selling medical software, the other as a lineman for electrical companies.  But, then I think... would I want those jobs?  No.  When I decided to apply for PhD programs, I asked myself... "If, at the end of this, I get my PhD and cannot find a job in academia, will I regret doing it?"  Again, the answer was no.  If you read all of those "why you shouldn't get a PhD" lists, one of the things they always say is "If you can think of anything else that you would be happy doing instead of getting a PhD, do it."  So, I figure that if I was seriously considering any other option, I would not be applying to PhD programs.  But, that's just me.

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