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Columbia MIA versus MA in Development Practice?


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Hi everyone,

I'm down to the wire on my SIPA application and while I thought the MIA program looked like a good fit, the more I've read about the Development Practice program, the more I'm thinking I might apply to it instead. I'd like to know though, if one program is more selective than the other? It seems like the DP program has a much smaller class than MIA. Also, is one necessarily more academically rigorous than the other? Any insights you could share would be much appreciated!

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I visited SIPA last August and they told me that Development Practice, as the name says, is much more "hands on" than MIA. MIA relies more on quantitative skills and DP has a much more interdisciplinary approach with its on site visits and the summer practicum. I think it kind of depends on what kind of work you want to do afterwards. If you want to do program management or on-site work then I think DP is better for you. If you want a more theoretical approach to international affairs then MIA might work better.

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