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Information please?


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Did anyone apply to Arizona State, U of Iowa, WashU or George Washington U? If so, have you heard back? I've been watching the results page, and people have been hearing back from several of these, all the way back in mid-February. I guess I don't understand how the whole decision process works.

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It does seem to be going by subfield - and a lot of places seem to have started with bio & bioarch, so they may just not have finished yet. I'm in that boat, I'm trying to do cultural, and we're at the back of the line - not sure if it's just because of numbers of applicants, or money, or luck of the draw.... But, there's plenty of time left, don't freak out if you can help it (says the girl who's freaking out since she hasn't heard anything from anyone yet!)

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My subfield is biological. I'm not freaking out too much since I already got accepted into one of my top choices with funding, but I'd still like to know and have options.

You haven't heard back from anyone yet?! That's crazy.

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