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Asking for a later interview date?


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I was wondering what people thought of the following:

I was just contacted by a POI asking whether we could get in touch for a phone interview sometime this week. I theoretically could, but I would really like a couple of days to brush up on the program and the POI's research. Would it be bad form for me to suggest that we do it next week on Monday?


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This comes down to a personal decision (perhaps ethical?) but I think it would be, if not poor form, impolite to request this if you don't have a pressing reason to delay (work deadline, out of town, sick). This is the busy season for profs, both in terms of admissions decisions/committees and with upcoming proposal deadlines (a few next week, the big NSF ones in early February). They are probably time limited, and likely to be more so next week. Are you really going to be that much more prepared with an extra three days as opposed to having tonight and all day tomorrow? You're unlikely to talk much about the profs work anyway (mention I saw you recently published on this, if you were to accept me as a student would you be interested in doing similar work with me? Or what about this related topic I'm interested in?). They will talk lots if you give them the opening, and anything else will probably be talking about you (your background, research interests). It is tough to imagine extensive reading or prep for that really changing how things play out.

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That was completely by accident :) . Kind of like when I play knock-hockey and score self goals. Oops! But thanks. I ended up just scheduling it for tomorrow. I tend to over prepare. This way I will enjoy my weekend much more knowing that one way or another it is over with.

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