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Anyone admitted Fall 2013?


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use the following instruction for reporting acceptance:


1- The name of University

2- GPA of B.Sc

3- GPA of M.Sc

4- GRE score

5- Subject Score

7- Publication(s)

8- Time of notification

9- Financial support


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Just to add my voice..haven't heard any final decisions yet but I have been contacted by at least one of my applied physics departments. 3.96 GPA, 1510 GRE (800 Q), didn't take the subject test because many of my schools don't even recommend it. Will post my acceptances when they (hopefully) come.  :)

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I have received offers from two schools for full financial support, and one (UW Madison) is pending financial support. The other 4/7 I'm waiting.  These are Med. Phys and BME programs, a little bit more competitive than the majority of physics departments (based on the data I've seen).


Undergrad: BS-BA Physics-Philosophy  (GPA 3.3, 3.5 in Phys.)

MS in Physics (GPA 3.8)


GRE -  162 Q (86%), 163 V (91%), 3.5 (30%)  


Research (>4 yrs): X/gamma-ray detectors, lots of programming skills


The Physics GRE is an uninformative waste of time and it's unfortunate that it exists.

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Cal Tech Applied Physics and Materials Science had their visiting week last week (Feb 18-2013) and traditionally professors call students they have met and discussed being an advisor for to tell them they are accepted during the next week. Formal university acceptances come a few weeks after this. They have their short list from the studnets who are invivted to Visiting Week, so they move quickly after this. Good luck eveeryone.  

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