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How do Masters programs release decisions?


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In particular, Purdue.


I'm having a panic attack because I just logged into the Purdue application and while it says my application is complete, it says: 




Submission Status: Submitted


Submitted Date: 12/15/2012 1:51:00 PM EST


Application denied




Did I just get rejected? Why would this happen? So quickly?? Is this a mistake?  :(

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Nope. They sent it by e-mail around 1:30 AM EST. 


This stung and was surprising...  I was only applying to the Masters program too!  :(

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What seems to usually happen is that the status online changes first and you receive an email later that tells you to check the status online. 


Unfortunately, based on the information you've given, it looks like you have been rejected from Purdue. My commiserations ab2013!


This is how I've been notified from the places I've heard back either last year or so far this year. All for Master's courses in CS.


Cornell - decision available on ApplyWeb status page but no email notification. I applied for Fall 2013 entry but applied before the Spring 2013 deadline.


UPenn - email with link to online page, entitled 'Admissions Decision Notification'.


Stanford - email on March 15th (2012) containing the decision, entitled 'Stanford Computer Science Graduate Admission: Details'. This date is similar every year.


CMU - SCS - received email on February 13th 2012 containing the decision.


CMU - RI -received email on February 21st 2012 containing the decision.


UTexas - I didn't receive any notification from them. I contacted the CS admissions department who said that I would receive an email by the end of March if they wish to admit me. (I did not get such an email unfortunately - but my application status showed as incomplete for some bizarre reason.)


Hopefully this helps anyone else eagerly awaiting decisions.

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Hi ab2013, I also applied to Purdue for CS and suddenly last week I got a mail saying my application was declined. No reasons were provided and I also thought whethere I had any problem as the decision was too fast. But, it seems I'm not the only one. :(

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