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Wait Lists for biosci programs?


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Hey everyone,

This is my first post to the grad cafe.  I've been trying not to go out of my mind.  I've applied to nine programs, with one interview so far.  I've been outright rejected by two, but haven't heard a peep from the others, even though it seems other people have started receiving their interview invitations.  On the other hand, I've also heard others saying they were rejected, too.  I was wondering how common it is for bioscience programs to have wait lists?  Or should I just give up hope?  :(  Thanks!

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I am in almost exactly the same boat.  1 of my early apps. was finished in Nov.  and has been "in review" ever since.  I have seen 1 reject for that program and 2 invites.   It is maddening......

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Wait lists do happen... for some schools, they are hard to get off of. Others cycle through lots of applicants and you may get invited for an interview. No worries. I'm on the UCSD Biomedical Sciences waitlist. It happens. Good luck with your confirmed interview!

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