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PhD Interview Weekend


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I have a few:


Show your interest in pursuing a scientific career

Know your research experiences and be able to articulate it well

Know why you want to get a PhD or Masters

Be yourself

Be personable

Don't bring up taboo subjects and stay personable when talking to graduate students when faculty aren't around


Have fun


Also, a big thing:


When your faculty interviewers discuss their research with you, be sure to have a question or two to ask them regarding it and show as much interest as you can regarding the subject.



I'm not sure how interview-heavy Emory is compared to other places, but these are some tips I have.  Anyone who's already done an interview could probably give more advice.

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I was told not to wear a suit so i war a button down, nice jacket, nice slacks, dress shoes. I felt perfect. Always take what they say and add a small notch up to it. If they say no suit, don't wear a suit. Be calm, be yourself. Nerves are okay but don't let them alter your answer.

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Dress pants and a sweater sounds fine. The invitation usually does have a few guidelines. Mine said for men not to wear a suit. I actually ended up wearing a suit outfit with pants and a matching suit jacket with a sweater underneath (i'm a female). A word of advice to women, really think about whether you want to wear high heels. My five interviews were spread around 3 buildings, which weren't that far from each other, but involved stairs and rocky paths. Additionally, there may be lots of walking and standing during interview days. I wore flats and am glad that I did.

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If you have any research posters I would print those out (in a small version of course) and bring them with you. Profs like that I brought mine, and it gave them something to look at which makes explaining your past work much easier.

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Thanks so much, Gina!  Since I've already done research on the professors, would it be dorky or weird to bring a list of questions to ask each one, like on my iPhone or a printed piece of paper?  I want to be prepared, but I don't want to come across as weird or too intense.  Any suggestions?

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I don't think it's weird at all. I would just write your questions on paper though. If you are looking at your phone they might think you're texting or something... even though you're obviously not. I don't think it's bad to look prepared!

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