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How should I interpret this contact email response?


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I've contacted one professor that I am really interested in working with.


In the contact email, I briefly introduced myself, and told him that I've been particularly interested in research that his group does.


I also suggested my idea to improve a current method published in one of the papers by his group, and let him know that I also have done similar research throughout my master's program. 


Anyway, he responded in a day, "Very interesting work. Have you applied to our phd program?".


I was so happy to get his attention, and immediately responded to let him know that I have applied for their phd program. 


I thought he might ask for an interview to discuss further, but he has never responded back for days since then. 


Does this mean that he was just being polite and respond to the email out of courtesy, but he's not really interested? 

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Chill out bro. Listen, 'desire' drives people to do what they do. High desire =same day email, low desire = no response. Professors usually talk to candidates in interviews during the admission process thats why he hasn't responded. And yes he is nice so you should be happy that you might work with such a nice person

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I doubt he would respond to the email just out of courtesy. Its obviously impossible to say without knowing the guy, but that seems like a rather positive response, and I doubt most people would word it quite like that if they were just trying to blow you off. Some professors really just note your interest in the group, but don't want to discuss further (often because they are just busy) until official reviews of applications. Some schools don't do interviews at all. In particular, it seems that in computer science, in my experience, a lot of schools admit students without interviews at all.


Anyway, so I think this might have been him glancing over what you're doing, noting your interest and he'll remember you contacted him when it comes to official review time. 

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