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Two Awesome Labs, One School


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I hedged my bets a little when I applied to a certain graduate school, and made contact with two professors there. The research is similar in that they are both studying similar topics but with different methodologies. I mentioned both in my personal statement, and ranked them first and second in my application. I emailed one of them this week to ask about the status of my application, and he regretfully informed me that it looked as if he wouldn't be accepting graduate students this semester after all. 


First, how do I respond to that?


Second, should I contact the second professor and ask the same question? Or just let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak? 



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I'd thank him for his time and for response.

I tend to err on the side of not bothering people, but I think if you were willing to email your first choice, then why not try your second choice? Professor One's determination that he's not taking anyone this year isn't a reflection on your application, so I don't think there's any added harm in reaching out to the other professor you like. No need to even mention the other guy, as far as I'm concerned. Just send the same kind of email that you already sent to Professor One. Good luck!

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I completely agree with Angua. Definitely email the first professor and thank him for his time and consideration - if you manage to end up in the second lab, you don't want to alienate professors in the department before you even get there!

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