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LSA Institute 2013


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I'm also trying to take a number of classes that aren't offered at my school... Guess that is a very popular approach.


Btw, I am looking for a roommate for either the campus housing or a sublet close to campus (I probably won't bring a car). Anybody interested?

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Any other pre-application people going? Wanna come wander around with me? :3


Or for that matter, anyone currently a student there want to show me/us around and tell me/us about your school?


By the way, would it be appropriate to try and arrange a meeting with my PoI while I'm there? I know it's sort of early to be contacting schools, and I don't want to impose when he might be taking a break for the summer.


(I don't even really know how campus visits normally work. As far as I know, departments invite candidates on their short list of possible admits. Would it be frowned upon to try to visit by yourself?)


Edit: Turns out that Rackham's having an open house on June 28th. :D

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