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For those who received "admits" from U Texas Austin


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Hi there,


I have applied for Computer Science Ph.D for fall 2013 in UTexas Austin. I am an international candidate. From the results search I see that 1st rounds of admits have gone by. My status is still something like in review. I am guessing it to mean (1) waitlisted or (2) rejected but will be notified a little later.


So the question is : those who received admits,



(1) Can you let me know the date by which you are supposed to accept the offer? (Rice has Apr 15)


(2) Also, appx the amount offered as fellowship during the first 9 months?





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The letter actually didn't contain any of that information, but apparently we'll get more info later. I assume that the deadline to accept the offer is also April 15, as that is the agreed deadline for nearly all PhD programs that provide funding.

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Many students who have multiple acceptances like dat_nerd will be refusing offers. So if someone is lucky then (s)he might hear in March. After April -15, it is too late and I doubt if universities continue to send acceptance in that period.

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