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Do they give explanations for rejections?

The Mark

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I guess I'm trying to think ahead and brace myself for the worst case scenario. Does SAIS/SFS/Fletcher/ESIA/SIS give applicants any kind of feedback on why their applications were rejected? If I find myself being unlucky, I will certainly be reapplying for the following year, and, though I already have a strong indication about why I'd get dinged if I do, it would be nice to have specifics for what to work on.

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Nice. Thanks for that link. It would be nice if all schools offered the same thing outright.


I missed that you put SIS too. 


This is from their website: http://www.american.edu/sis/admissions/faq/index.cfm#app


Are admissions decisions ever reconsidered by the Admissions Committee?

All admission decisions are final. Should you have any questions about how to improve your file for future admissions consideration, please contact our office within one month of the date of your decision letter.

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