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  1. Tuna, You lost me in translation with "parents language". I'm assuming you mean native or mother tongue. Put both languages down if you can speak both and just take the French proficiency exam. Why would you exclude one? Languages add diversity to the application. Obviously, Urdu will be more relied upon for security/intelligence work but French is arguably the most vital language for development practitioners. I do not know your background so I'll leave it at that.
  2. Should be on top of the acceptance letter by your name/address
  3. @ martinet25 SIPA can have a quant heavy approach if you want it to be, but it is just more flexible compared to SAIS. I will not be pursuing a quant-related career so I can get by just fine with two semesters but at SAIS I would have to take quant every semester. Like what I and tsmurf said earlier SAIS is probably #1 for quant analysis so if that is your intended path, then I don't see why you would choose otherwise. It will be very expensive regardless and you are going to enjoy both programs, but SAIS seems like a better fit to me in the 45 seconds since I've met you
  4. 1. See earlier response to EliZhang. 2. Lots of opportunities are available. Firms like working with us. It gets competitive, however, considering that your main competition especially in NYC will be your friends and classmates. 3. No clue about the exchange statistics, I've met folks from Sciences Po mostly and they seem to enjoy it.
  5. 1. You are like me. Don't worry half the class is like us too Unless you are interested in APEA or some levels of EPD you can take "intermediate" level econ and quant to pass requirements. Intermediate Econ will only cover single variable calculus whereas Advanced Econ will consider multivariable. It is difficult for me still but I manage. There is a math camp during orientation to review the basics. At the end of math camp you take a proficiency exam (does not affect grade). The results determine your placement in a 4 week math class (no credit). There are three levels that vary
  6. 1. Age-old question should I try to leverage? I did not try to do it, but last year, one guy on the thread said he successfully did. He later erased his post when SIPA was apparently flooded with similar requests who were ultimately unsuccessful. Do I think you will succeed, probably not. But if you have enough pride go for it, just don't get your hopes up. Instead I would try to talk to SAIS with the Fletcher offer in mind (I'll explain at the end) 2. I'm assuming you are interested in APEA. You will be taking "advanced" quant and economics both years so you will be challenged. T
  7. Hey everyone, I'm a current first year at SIPA and love it here. I can try to answer questions and will probably meet a few of you during Admitted Students Day in April. To the guy above me, the # you receive in your acceptance letter is your CUID, which you use to log into your financial aid portal. Once you pay your deposit, you will receive your UNI which is your username for email
  8. I'm a current SIPA student. If you are thinking about PhD work after grad do not come to SIPA, unless you want to do Sustainable Development (their only program at that level). Ask professors and they will tell you that our curriculum is not geared towards doctoral work. It is a professional school and locating a professor who will be your sponsor for the dissertation will be difficult. If you were Political Science, then the College of Arts and Sciences would be available and then by all means come to Columbia. But unless you are interested in Sustainable Development, SIPA proba
  9. As a current SIPA student, if you already have your career lined up and you are 100% committed to the job, go to Harris and live a debt-free life. If you are wavering at all, take a risk and come to NY. Either way you will be fine.
  10. I applied to UMD (ended up elsewhere) and my impression is that they have 3 main draws 1. Public Administration- if you are interested in politics (particularly at the state level (MD obviously), this is the place to be as their network draws extensively from the School [faculty as advisers and graduates for manager roles] 2. Environment (Those interested in sustainability initiatives, this is a growing program) 3. Security/Intelligence (The perks of being in DC and UMD being so closeby reap the benefits too as there are countless orgs who focus on this field) Good luck! I wou
  11. Damn, this is getting absurd. I think we are just arguing over each other. One side that feels you should just take your time and the other saying that you are just asking for bad karma. But hey that is life, right? Just one question my roommate had a Tufts deadline of 4/19 and she got $ too. Did you really have until May 1? Seems strange that there would that long a window. As you know, I disagree with you how you have done it so far but we will be spending the next two years in NY with a couple hundred other overeager people (google group emails every 5 min are getting annoying lol)
  12. If I could like this 1000x I would. It is awful to think how selfish you are being right now. What you have done in paying two deposits and simply going "in circles" is certainly not illegal, but it is unethical and defeats the good faith that all of these schools have put on you to weigh the pros/cons and make a decision in a timely manner. You had plenty of time to make up your mind. Just go to the "Waiting it out" section on this forum and read about the people who are still waiting to get into ONE school. The longer you hold out means that one person on the Fletcher waitlist is go
  13. Did you change your mind? There is a Dani posting about SIPA housing on the google group. Just curious...
  14. were you able to meet anyone? I want to head out soon so I was wondering if it was easy to find people on campus.
  15. also dont underestimate the nightlife in DC on U Street
  16. What? Are we still taking policy/IR in a career shift? I dont see how having a degree from Fletcher would make it more difficult to transition.
  17. did anyone get funding in the first round? Or is there a 2nd round coming up?
  18. If you go to Fletcher can you take language classes at one of the other schools in the Boston consortium? If not, then the language offerings at SFS sound too good to pass up especially considering your interests.
  19. Agree with everything above and I'll just add one more note. For me I am big on community interaction between faculty and students (going to a small school made me feel special lol) Some schools have been very interactive since I was admitted, others very quiet. I know this is a busy time for the staff but to just take time to answer questions, email, call, etc meant a lot to me as I was weighing the decision. If they can do that now I can only imagine how open they will be once I'm there. Sounds silly I know but if that is something important to you think about it. Just go with
  20. Contact SIS immediately and present them with the Seton Hall offer. Personally, I think you are exaggerating a bit on the difference between SIS and Seton Hall (I see them as pretty close) but to each their own. I could not find any info on SIS but Seton Hall had this online session on their site. I'd take the $ and go to NJ if I were you assuming that SIS does not budge on their funding stance. Good luck. https://setonhall.adobeconnect.com/_a1102609103/p26dl9vdmwk/?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal
  21. It is really up to the discretion of the professor. Some conduct interviews to find the right fit, others may just base it off class performance/teaching experience. ***Just basing this off from my talks with financial aid. I'm just an admit still pondering my choices
  22. All students who have a 3.4+ are eligible for TAs so it is up to the discretion of the professor requesting assistance (i.e. a 3.41 can get one and a 4.0 can be shut out). Also, TAs are subject to the availability of classes, thus only a semester appointment which could possibly be renewed if the class is offered both semesters.
  23. Post the response otherwise we cannot properly assess
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