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  1. I´ve just rejected Goldman's offer (no funding). Hope someone will be happy out of the waitlist!
  2. I work with international affairs, but I want to improve my knowledge in quantitative methods and economy, that`s why I applied to both MIA and MPP. Columbia has indeed the best reputation (internationally) but I have not made up my mind yet.
  3. Here is my situation, admitted to: Chicago Harris MPP with full tuition and living stipend Columbia SIPA MIA with 40k for the first year and 20k for the second (SIPAs tuition is 52k) I already have my dream job, I am seeking a graduate degree to improve my analytical skills and to experience USA`s academic environment. I am not sure that SIPA`s is worth the debt. I am leaning towards Harris, any thoughts?
  4. I got in with 40k in fellowships!!
  5. tingtong13, we are in the same boat (admitted without funding). I am also an international applicant. For now I inclined to accept Harris MPP offer (full tuition + stipend) but I am not quite sure yet.
  6. In my case, out of the blue! I have not exchanged even a single email with the admissions office. Guess I got luck!
  7. Not admitted! I must say I am feeling better than I thought I would. Still waiting for WWS results, one never knows! Waiting for results: Princeton WWS MPP, Columbia SIPA MIA Accepted: UC Berkeley Goldman MPP (0$), Chicago Harris MPP (full tuition + 19k!) Waitlisted: TBD Rejected: HKS MPP
  8. Uhu!! Admitted with full tuituion + 19k scholarship!
  9. The main application page has not been updated yet. I have been admitted but my page still says "submitted". Maybe you could check with your sponsor. Good luck!
  10. I also got in!! No funding though. Now I have to figure it out how to pay for it.
  11. I am afraid you are not eligible. They are explicit regarding dual-citizenship (one being from a developed country). Eligibility Criteria:  Not be a dual citizen of any industrialized country. You can see it here: http://siteresources.worldbank.org/INTJJWBGSP/Resources/Application_Guidelines.pdf
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