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  1. I like my cohort a lot. To be completely honest, I am probably one of the laziest people here. I'm very laid back and soaking in the whole being in school experience again after working for 5 years. So yes there are plenty of motivated, smart people and if you're one of them you will fit right in. And yes definitely people hang out outside of class. Berkeley's a cool town, and the great part about it is it's so close to SF or Oakland so if you get bored here you can always venture out. It seems like a general trend in grad school though that there's always going to be a portion of the cl
  2. Yes education policy is a big interest. There are a good number of folks that are into education policy and have backgrounds working as teachers or in some capacity in the education system. I don't have the exact numbers but know it feels substantial. Your second question regarding skills over specialization is definitely the vibe I get from the school and the reason I came here. There is a project in the first year and second year where you perform policy analysis for an actual company/organization of your choosing. These projects stress the quantitative and analytical skills you'll
  3. Your scores are actually better than mine - I took the old formatted test but I think my new score is something like 160Q and 164V and 4 AWA. I would say a re-take probably isn't necessary just based off the fact I got in with lower scores than you. I suppose for financial aid status, it wouldn't hurt to try again, but I'm not 100% sure how much difference will be made if you improve a few points. It never hurts I suppose, but again remember you can hold a position as a GSI if you get in which will greatly subsidize your cost. There are a few Indian students in my program this year so if y
  4. It's not the norm but I have met I think 2 or 3 students who only worked for a very brief period and got in. I would say that in order for you to get into schools with only such limited work experience you'll need a high GPA, very good test scores, and also a really good story of why you're going to the school. If you're able to communicate a unique story, your chances will go up. I would also add that I found my years working after college to be really valuable. I worked for 5 years, and now that I'm back at school, I appreciate it way more and especially with something like a policy d
  5. One of the main shortcomings of GSPP is that its international policy is good but not great. However that's a huge point of focus for them right now. My class this year has, I believe, around 15 international students out of 80 which comes with a lot of interest in multilateral orgs. That being said, there are still a substantial number of GSPP alum at those organizations. If you go to GSPP, you'll have access to all those contacts by agency and you can feel free to email them if you want. I just did a brief search for World Bank and found something like 15 alum currently working there.
  6. Congrats on the tuition payment. Princeton's a very wealthy school like Harvard. They probably have a huge endowment. They apparently are also very generous to their undergrads as well. I think the fact the school invests in their students makes a lot of them much more likely to contribute back to the school when they become successful.
  7. They are available, but obviously not too common. They are given, logically, to those with really high GPA's and test scores. If I had to guess there probably aren't more than a handful given out at most of these programs just because they are so pricey and these schools obviously make a lot of money of their students. So not impossible, but don't go in thinking you're going to get a full ride unless you have close to a 4.0 GPA and high GRE's. Edit: For those who like me were concerned about financing, definitely look into Princeton Woodrow Wilson. They give almost all their students
  8. Hey all, I am currently attending GSPP and would be more than happy to answer questions specific to the school or application process. As some background, I went to a UC for my undergrad where I studied Econ. I had 5 years of work experience mostly in private sector, and my top two choices were Berkeley and Johns Hopkins SAIS. I received a half scholarship to Hopkins, but Berkeley's proximity to home, weather, and very affordable costs swayed me at the end of the day (If you TA/research at Berkeley, you get a good portion of your tuition paid for). Any details you want to know about,
  9. Just wondering if anyone had heard of folks finishing their MPP/MPA and then going on to get a PhD in econ? Obviously econ PhD programs require much more math, but I'm just curious if it's possible given the math taken during the MPP programs.
  10. You won't be at a disadvantage. Having policy experience I'm sure would help your chances of getting in, but it doesn't hurt you that you don't have it. I myself worked in consulting and at a private energy company doing no policy work and got into a pretty decent program. They are more interested in why you want to go to school and how your skills as an accountant will translate to that career path. It also helps if you ace your GRE's and have a good gpa.
  11. Does anyone have the info on Goldman's graduating class salaries? Their site only seems to list sectors and that sort of breakdown but no salary info.
  12. The max fellowship offered by UCLA this year did not cover tuition fully the first year. It is ~$18k, with tuition expected to increase to around ~$24k this year according to the program leads. Alternatively, there is no stipend and it seems as though the opportunities to land tuition remission positions are entirely up to the student's initiative and qualifications.
  13. Hi all, I'm interested in possibly applying to WWS next year, but I've had a hard time finding any sort of class profile/ admission stats for WWS so I don't know where I stand compared to other WWS candidates. Does anyone know where I can find this info? I was recently accepted into SAIS with a half scholarship, but I just learned that WWS gives much more generous funding so I'm thinking of holding off for a year and seeing if I can get into WWS. Edit: Quick stats on my part: 3.77 GPA, 160Q and 164V, 5 years work experience utilities industry
  14. Oh ok sorry. Didn't mean to offend. But I'll be there too! My name's Pat so if you meet someone by that name say hello.
  15. Revolution is the best troll. Can't wait to meet you in person. I'm being serious.
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