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Political Economy in Canada

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The word on the street seems to be that for graduate studies in political economy, the best Canadian university is Carleton. I've been looking through their site and it seems as if there are multiple offerings for an MA in political economy through different departments. From online there is, the Institute of Political Economy and NPSIA's Global Political Economy Cluster but I've also heard unconfirmed rumors its possible to do an MA in political economy through the Public Administration Department and the Political Science department. 


All this brings up alot of questions.

Which of these departments offers the real political economy program(s)? What are the differentiating factors between the programs in each department? Which one of these programs is attached to Carleton's notoriety for political economy? It would naturally seem to be the Institute of Political Economy but many more people know of NPSIA.. Isn't NPSIA only valuable for (future) public servants? I've also heard that the Institute of Political economy is limited to Marxian, left-of-centre analysis while NPSIA is strictly classical, right-of-centre analysis. Is there truth to this? What does it mean to be a NPSIA graduate vs an Institute of Political Economy graduate? What effect would each program have on PhD applications? What are the important questions I've forgotten?



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