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interviews for masters programs


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does anyone have any advice for interviews for masters programs? i'm assuming most of the advice for phd interviews is applicable for masters, but we don't have POI's or really specific research interests to prepare for. well, at least my education programs don't. is there anything different masters applicants should know? any advice would be very much appreciated! thanks! 

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I would suggest keeping up with developments in your field, reading up on what the profs are into (regardless of the course-based nature of the program) and, if they are available, checking out the syllabi of the courses that you will be taught. As well, usually grad programs have "mission statements" which can indicate the attitude, values of the program and professors. Usually, they want to make sure that you are a good, conscientious person with the ability/potential to succeed in the program. With most programs, I always tell others to cultivate the kind of confidence that will make the interviewers feel that you are a colleague rather than a nervous, shaky undergrad (even though this is actually the case, lol). And I cannot stress this enough: SMILE! :)

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