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If you applied with aid and you are waitlisted...


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If you applied with aid and you are waitlisted..., does that mean even if you get in you most likely won't get any aid??

also do applications being considered for fellowships take a longer review time??

My housemate applied to the same program as I did except that she applied without aid. She got her acceptance letter 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting on mine... I am hoping I am being considered for aid but I am more convinced that I am waitlisted now... I am getting less and less optimistic :shock:

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I would definitely think that if you said you didn't need aid it doesn't take as long to decide because they dont need to find the funding. If you said you needed aid and your on a waitlist if you get admitted it should be with funding. Most schools wont offer a spot unless they can fund you (most). The waitlist just means they already offered all the spots with funding and they're waiting for people to turn them down then they can offer you the spot.

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