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Out of school for ages, hoping to return...LOR??


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I am new here, just starting to get serious about applying.  Anyway...I am an adult.  Like WAY adult.  I have been out of formal school for over 20 years.  I am a nurse who received a diploma to practice back in the 80s.  I have been working on and off on my BSN for years.  I finally got serious and returned to school 2 years ago.  I graduate in December, BUT...from an online program.  I intend to apply to an online program at Loyola in Bioethics.  My resume is great, I have been working in research for the past 10 years, blah blah blah.  I have two physician/researchers that I know will write great letters, one is a pretty big deal in her field with a huge reputation, and one is a younger physician with a dual degree in clinical research.  I currently work for the younger, but had worked for the  other for many years.  My question is about LOR #3.  Do I ask someone from  the online program?  (Not exactly a Harvard type program.  I picked it when I just wanted to finish up that BSN finally, then when I decided to go for my MA I decided to just push on and finish there).  Do I ask another physican/research person, and then have only employers' recommendations?  HELP!!

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Since it has been so long since your previous schooling, and you already have 2 great references, I think the third coming from someone in the online program you took would be desirable - it would show your more recent academic performance. Consider asking a prof from a course where you interacted more on the discussion boards, or a professor who is more well-versed in your academic strengths.  


Some schools require "professor recommendations" and some specify that two prof references are required, so do check into that. 


Good luck with the hunt! 

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