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Cornell linguistics program


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Anyone here is in/knows something about Cornell's Lin program? I'll apply for linguistics programs this fall. Cornell's strengths fit my interest quite well, but I don't know if it will be really competitive..  Anyone knows around how many people applied for this program per year and how many were accepted (on average)? How about their phonetic lab? Is it top nationwide?

Hope they're not stupid questions... Thank you!

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Thank you rhapsodie! My boyfriend is there and I've been to the ling department building myself (in winter break though)... I really like the campus and the whole environment!


It's nice to know that students can get involved in research early. I'm interested in lab phonology and phonology-phonetic interface and a few of their faculty are working on it. You mentioned they don't have some phonetics equipment (I thought the phonetic lab is well-equipped from their websites...) Does it mean it might not be as competitive as other labs doing the similar research like Northwestern, OSU and UCLA?     


I want to go that school so much and I'm working towards it. I don't know what I'm worried about but I guess it just makes me feel "safer" to know what kind of competition is there waiting for me.. 

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Cornell undoubtedly has a great program and it is very competitive. They will typically get 120-150+ applications for an entering class of 6.


I've applied this year but I know my chances of acceptance are a toss-up! Two of my friends who applied last year, they seemed to be great applicants but were rejected (one of them had some published stuff, and even some funding). It really just depends on what the faculty are looking for and if they think you are a good fit. Next time you visit campus, talk to the profs, especially the ones in the particular areas you're interested in. 

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I'm sooo glad I finally got a Cornell linguist here!!  Are you a member of the phonetic lab? I assume you working with Sam Tilsen (he is the only "he" in the lab right...)?


Can I PM you cause I've got some questions for one specific professor..


And I saw you're planning to go LSA summer Institute... I'll probably go there too. Hope to see you then!

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