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Chances of Getting in Harvard Divinity MTS, or Duke Div, or UChic Div


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Hi everyone,

I just finished all of my applications last week, and now I'm playing the horrible waiting game.

I'm a Classics major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and I'm applying to several MTS and MDiv programs in Early Christianity and New Testament studies to prepare me for PhD work.


I've applied to Harvard Divinity (MTS), Duke Divinity (MTS), University of Chicago Divinity (MA), Notre Dame (MA Early Christian Studies), Duke University (MA Religious studies), Boston University (MA Classics), University of Virginia (MA Classics)


My GPA: 3.83

I am at and advanced level in Ancient Greek and Latin, Intermediate level French and German, and Beginning level Sanskrit

I have studied abroad in both Greece (through Austin Peay State University) and Rome (Through Duke University)

I was an intern at the American Academy of Rome in their archaeology lab last year

All of my recommendations were from professors in my Classics department and study abroad programs who know me very well.


What are my chances?


If anyone has been admitted to any of these programs, would you mind telling me about your admission statistics so I can get a better feel of what to expect admissions-wise?


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Why is Harvard listed as your program? I thought you were applying.

Also, it's really impossible to know based on the profile you've provided. Plus, like you note, it's a matter of waiting now.

I will say that those languages (and experiences abroad) will give you a nice boost.

Best of luck!

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I feel like adcoms are looking for someone with both academic chops but also a good person, and that it can be pretty clear from an application package whether or not you fit both academically but also personally. It sounds like you'll do fine, imho, so good luck!

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